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Tales the Crows Taught Me | Story List

Here is a list of some of the┬ástories in the book…

Protection: Probably best not to earn a Gypsy’s curse…but maybe you can bargain your way out?

Tap: Maybe Grandmother hears better than we think she does.

Stir: Young hot-shot lawyer takes his stage 4 cancer down to Florida, to live out his days fishing in peace. But someone else sees the opportunity of a lifetime…

Small Onya: Two children in a sideshow weigh their options.

Churn: A mushroom-picking young girl holds a secret that will change a man’s destiny.

Remission: Young Aggie finds a mostly-dead body washed up on her island’s shore…but there is something unsettling about the visitor.

Island Tale: This witch hunt might not be over…

Festival: Villagers burn a man while a woman hides a parcel beneath ice and snow far, far away.

Moving On: A couple is pursued by a shadowy movement in the forests of Oregon.

Barking Town: An almost-ghost town’s elderly resident knows something. If only she could remember it long enough to tell someone…

Shoelace: Beware the little old ladies.

A Fisherman’s Tale: In an ancient Scandinavian fishing village, a couple seeks magic to save their family from starving. But there is and always shall be a price to pay for your magic…

Drink deep from the darkness, my children.


Laura Lovic-Lindsay left Penn State University with a literature degree in hand in 1993. She has won some contests (writerstype.com, writersweekly.com, Writing Success writers’ conferences), and had some pieces accepted for publication (firesidefictioncompany.com, Boston Literary Magazine).
Laura lives and writes in an old farmhouse in a small Western Pennsylvania town.